Womens-health-blankOur health experiences have been as far and wide as our travels.  They have included conventional, as well as alternative medicine; but, by and large, we attribute our health to being proactive.  The myriad of our health problems can be the result of lifestyle and when we make the decision to change some things – then some things will change!

Kathy was young when she had a hysterectomy.  After that she struggled with her weight.  And to say she has been a busy person is an understatement.  Many times, she kept pushing through physical pain until we now say that is no longer noble.  So we have found a better way to support our bodies so that we can be very active, not because we are powering through, but because we have more real energy.

Karen’s wake-up call was a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 43.  That’s when her life changed.  She saw the medical community in a different way.  When she was told to eat whatever she wanted to keep her calories up during chemotherapy and there was no guidance on building her health, she decided that just didn’t sound right.

Now with the incredible wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and due to our personal experiences, we encourage you to be proactive.  Start by thinking about your top health concerns – weight, bone density, stress, exhaustion, UTI’s, PMS, menopause, etc.   All of these and so many more are at the top of our list for natural targeted health solutions.

Be a part of a health revolution in our country by starting with you!  The benefits of taking action, being in charge of your health and making some lifestyle changes are immeasurable.


Women’s Wellness is near and dear to us.  As women, we have unique abilities to encourage, support and build each other up.  Let us know what we can do to help you.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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