It’s critical to look at products and services to see what makes them “Green”.  Look beyond the can of green paint that has been liberally applied in order to make a company’s Green Marketing Campaign the best one out there.

Here are some questions you need to ask:

  • “Does the company operate in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner?”
  • “Does this company sell other products that are harmful?”
  • “Does the convenience this product offers really make it worth the environmental cost?”
  • “What are the BIG picture implications of this green products?”

Okay, okay. I know that you aren’t going to spend the time to do an in-depth analysis while you’re standing in the big box store to buy some laundry detergent.  Our recommendations if you want to minimize your efforts to identify good, sustainable products is to first find a company that you can trust.  Then buy that company’s products.  We’ll start writing more about which products we like and making recommendations.

I will end with a parting shot on challenging those of you who continue to buy “Green Works”.  You do know you’re buying mostly water, right?  And I just think it is not productive (as in, it is WRONG) to buy from a company that manufactures and promotes Clorox® and the ultimate cleaning product, with very little regard to the damage being done to children. Here’s an interesting article about “The Negative Health Effects of Chlorine.”

In the meantime, use some common sense.  The first and easiest thing to eliminate is “RTU” or Ready-to-Use products.  If you don’t have time to mix your window cleaner and all purpose cleaner from a concentrate… we need to have a very serious heart-to-heart talk.  I would have to tell you that all you’ve done is fallen into a can of green paint.