Healthy Weight



Everyone knows what it means to be overweight.  Everyone knows what it means to lose weight and gain it all back and more.  Everyone knows the health risks of being overweight.  Everyone knows that the medical community treats the symptoms of being overweight with prescription drugs, but doesn’t do very much to help you lose weight until you have had a heart attack or been diagnosed with diabetes.  Everyone knows there are a lot of problems related to being overweight.

Everyone knows that to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume.  But what everyone may not realize is that the secret to successful weight loss is muscle, because muscle = metabolism.  If you can lose fat and not muscle, your metabolism will remain high and you will burn more calories which takes you back to the way you lose weight which is to burn more calories than you consume.

Here’s where it gets exciting.  Most diet plans focus on simply consuming fewer calories plus some physical activity to burn calories, but what if there were a way to have your metabolism actually be running like a fat-burning and muscle-building machine?  Now that, my friend, would be sweet perfection.  Well, there is a plan and it is called Shaklee 180.  So are you ready to take your health and your shape in a whole new direction?

We are living examples of how it works.  Kathy who has struggled to lose weight for years has lost over 60 pounds.  Karen is a breast cancer survivor and is now leaner, stronger and healthier.

Our goal is to encourage you to start your own 180 Turnaround in your health.  Look at Shaklee 180.  Share your goals with us so we can make a Battle Plan in your fight against obesity.  As Shaklee 180 Specialists, we are here to cheer and coach you to success.

When you know there is a really great way to lose weight and be healthier, it changes everything.  There’s a new commitment to be proactive and decide it’s time to change.  We invite you to join us in a 180.  You’ll be so glad you did!  Because being healthy is not about depriving yourself… losing weight and being healthy is about not missing out!!



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