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How did we start doing this?

You know how you see those ads where it looks like it is just a matter of clicking a few buttons and having a website that will explode your business on the web? Have you ever tried it? And then you get all those calls talking about SEO and how they are going to get you on the first page of Google? There are so many shabby web designs and scams out there, it makes it hard to know who to believe (or trust).

Everything we have done has been through our own diligent efforts and the school of trial-and-error. So when some people asked, “Can you help me with my website?”, it quickly grew to an opportunity to truly help people navigate all of the complexities of having an online business.

Let us help you with the right host and the right platform, PLUS let us talk about design, social media and on-going website maintenance. Because if you don’t talk about ALL of those things… your website probably isn’t going to accomplish what you really want – new customers!

Are there clowns?

Creating a website or building a brand requires dedication, cooperation and a myriad of skills. We offer all of those, but we also add an important component. We want you to enjoy the process. If you enjoy the process, it almost guarantees that we will enjoy the process, too!

Business is just too stressful to add drama into the mix of trying to increase your business. That doesn’t mean we’re going to wear clown suits to an online meeting or send you a singing telegram when your website is finished. It means we will be punctual, professional and productive, and always delivered with a smile.

We invite you to review what we have to offer. If you call us and we talk and we don’t think we can honestly do something positive for you, we’ll tell you. If you don’t call us, you’re never going to really know what we could have done to help your business grow.

The big question…

What’s it going to cost?

We have tried to come up with some basic website formats that would enable us to get you up and running in the shortest time possible, without losing that all important component of not being a cookie-cutter website.

Here’s a great paper about pricing a website.  Click on the image to download your report.


Here’s our prices >>


We also have a complete support system

We have “ASK” to provide you with the perfect platform to find Answers, get Support and discover Keys to your success. Check it out.

Just Need Hosting?

We use HostGator as our “host of choice”. There are other good companies out there… but there are also some real losers. The one thing that continues to be a big difference for us is the level of customer service provided. Some hosts are also not really on board with WordPress installations. That can be a disaster. So, if you are just needing hosting, we recommend HostGator.

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