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K&K 5 K&K
Website Design & Set-up:  WordPress site created based on a theme provided through or and plugins from 5 pages 10 pages Unlimited pages*
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) X X X
Blog:  Includes online video tutorials on how to use the WordPress Blogging Dashboard X X X
Social Media Integration:  Set up Facebook/Twitter integration. Create Facebook Cover. X X
Social Media Integration:  All of above, plus YouTube/Pinterest/Instagram/more X
Online Business Directory Submission:  Submit your business information to Online Business Directories, including Google+ Page 15 35+
eCommerce Site or Shopping Cart X


ala-carte-quoteOkay…we’re not selling spaghetti, but we are trying to make this so you can find out some idea what some things cost. Don’t you just hate it when a company just flat out refuses to give you any information unless you somehow click on something, call a number or somehow jump through a hoop? We’re changing all that. We want you to know that we are here to make money, just like you! We also know that your success is what is going to make us successful. That means if you’re happy with the work we do, you’re going to tell your friends. It’s just that simple. So, look around. See if there isn’t something we can help you with.

á la carte Pricing


Still not decided?

We totally understand. It’s hard to know all the answers when there are so many variables out there. It is almost impossible for us to communicate everything we can do for you when we don’t even know what your needs are. We have some idea… because we’ve been right where you are.

So, give us a call and we can talk. You tell us about your business. Tell us about your goals. We’ll listen. Then we’ll tell you what we think we can do to help you get there.