Make-up is a wonderful thing.  And now I’m looking at this line of cosmetics by Christina Choi.   What a delightful young woman who made you feel like she really cared about your skin.  She’s amazing.

Christina is in the background of this picture and I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture with her personally.  The make-up artist was named Christian.  He used a special sponge applicator.  Don’t tell Kathy, but I’m going to get her this accessory and the make-up they chose for her.  She looked amazing!


While Christian is working, you can see in the background the white screen for the photo shoot.


I’m not sure what this spray is about, but I guess it may be to set the make-up.


And voile!  Perfection!  Now ready for the clothes.



Kathy, congratulations on this great accomplishment! We are very proud of you.
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Just for fun, when we got back to the hotel room, we took pictures of the way Christian had used eye shadow.   I’ve always wanted to know the right technique and method to create the best version of me.  If you want natural cosmetics with personal attention, contact Christina Choi at
Check out her website and products and tell her Kathy and Karen sent you.