Age Attitude Adversity

Is losing weight really mostly mental? Three factors stopping some people are Age, Attitude and Adversity. Is this Triple A threat stopping you?

I wish I could say exactly what happened to create my tipping point. I do believe that a lot of it had to do with disgust. I was actually disgusted with myself.

This process brought me to recognize the Triple A Effect. With a little effort, these can be viewed as excuses, but I would rather identify them as challenges that many, many people face in their quest to be healthy. Here’s an overview of what it is all about.

Age: How many of you are thinking, “I’m too old to lose weight”. This falls into the category of it just being harder to lose weight because of your age. Read the article to understand exactly just how you can discover that it is NEVER too late. After setting goals of losing weight by the time I was 47, 50, and 55… that was a pretty hard thing to even consider when I turned 59 and was determined to do something before I hit 60.

Attitude: It’s shocking how much the attitude either makes this whole process easy or makes it an absolute terror not only for you, but for every person in a 100 ft radius of you. Learn how the attitude of “It’s too hard” can be overcome and just how much habits play a role in this facet of change.

I personally had a bad attitude because I thought I just didn’t have enough willpower to ever lose weight.

Adversity: This is the one that involves such things as health conditions like arthritis, lupus, heart conditions, etc. For me, I have been diagnosed with a neurological disease that is incurable and rare enough to involve a lot of trial and error.  I have gone through multiple courses of prednisone so I know all about medically-induced weight gain.

Other adversities are financial conditions which can oftentimes be used as the ultimate “I can’t do this”. Learn how that just isn’t true. Even on Social Security and limited income.

The last type of adversities are life conditions. That can be the one that can be extremely difficult to control, so you have to learn what you can change and how not to let the other part you can’t change keep you from being healthy!

Read, learn, enjoy. Good health is just a click away. Join me in a 180 Turnaround.