So what?  Spring is about growing things, birth, and all those things utilized by men and media to make us feel good inside.

Seasons remind us our role as stewards of this planet means we need to have a basic understanding of how the planet operates.  Let’s set aside the global warming debate for a moment and make sure we have an understanding of how the whole system works.

Stop leaving that to the experts.  Every one of us needs to have a bucket of soil where it can sit in a windowsill and grow a flower, some herbs, some wheatgrass. JUST PLANT SOMETHING!!

If you don’t have a window where you are going to get adequate sun, get a small grow light.  There is something primal about a sprouting seed.  I am shocked with the number of “environmental activists” without dirty fingernails.  No, you don’t have to buy some overalls; but is crucial to experience that connection that takes place between nature and man.  If more people had the opportunity to experience that, it is possible that we would be at an entirely different crossroads with our environmental issues.

Here is an interesting article “Is Soil an Important Component of the Climate System?” .  While it is definitely worthy to worry about our wetlands, let’s also give some attention to the dirt directly beneath our feet.  Too often, dirt represents a hassle, an expense, or germy.  Discover dirt!