5 easy weight loss stepsby Dr. Jamie McManus, Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Science & Education for The Shaklee Corporation – HealthWise blog post.

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last twenty years helping people go from feeling helpless about their weight to feeling (and being) in control of their weight. What I have noticed is that people who are able to lose and maintain their weight use the same steps to achieve success.

Let me share with you five simple principles from the people who I’ve seen have weight loss success:

  1. Make the Commitment:  The first step for any change in your life is to commit to that change—and it seems to work best if it is a public commitmentPermanent weight loss takes a long-term commitment (really, for the rest of your life), but it also starts with the first step. So, decide what you can bite off—maybe that is two weeks or maybe you can commit to two months. I strongly urge you to try to commit to ninety days because that is a meaningful amount of time to change some habits AND to see results!
  2. Remove Temptation: I don’t care how strong you are; no one can resist temptations all the time. There are simply too many tasty things around when you are tempted (a bad day at the office, not enough sleep, somebody’s birthday, etc.). The time to be strong is when you are at the grocery store, not when you are standing in front of your refrigerator after dinner. Start by having a protein bar before you go grocery shopping so you aren’t hungry, take a list of what you need, and stay out of the snack aisles!
  3. Be Realistic: Who wouldn’t want to lose all their weight in one month? The truth is that it may have taken you a while to get to your current weight and it will take time to lose that weight. Set a goal of losing one to two pounds every week, which means, on average, six to ten pounds per month! That translates to 18-30 pounds in the next ninety days. That is realistic. 
  4. Veggies are Your Friend: One type of food that most of us don’t eat enough of is vegetables. It seems unfathomable to me because vegetables are my favorite foods! They are packed with nutrition and low in calories. Make sure to include as many veggies in your diet as possible. This means every meal should include at least one serving of vegetables with at least three servings of veggies at dinner. For example, try including a salad and/or steamed or sautéed vegetables as a side dish.
  5. Exercise: You may lose weight without exercise, but research has shown that exercise is the single most important way to keep the pounds off once you’ve done the work to lose them! Exercise will help you burn more calories and maintain your muscle mass as you lose weight. Losing muscle causes your metabolism to drop, which increases the likelihood of the weight coming back on. So, MOVE more!

From my perspective, THE single most important step to better health is weight control. I am committed to making positive changes for my health in 2014—so commit with me to move more, eat better, and be conscious of things that you do that may be counter-productive to being healthier! Even if you aren’t in need of weight loss, what you may notice from all of these changes is long-term value to your health.

Let us all commit to new habits for better health in 2014.   Be well!

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Thanks, Dr. Jamie!  We couldn’t agree with you more!

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