Kat took her health in a whole new direction!

Congratulations to our very own KATHY SPRATT
3rd place winner in the Regional Transformation Challenge
West Palm Beach Florida      November 16, 2012

Of course, we think – correction – WE KNOW she should have won first!! 

Kathy’s story is intriguing, inspiring and, in some ways, downright funny!  Kathy joined the Peace Corps and lived in Swaziland, AFRICA, for 2 years.  The second reason on her list of PROS to joining the Peace Corps was to lose weight.  But guess what?  In Swaziland, she opened a bakery for street children to sell hot buns on the street so she returned from Africa weighing more than when she left.  The street children loved her and God blessed her with a wonderful experience in Africa, BUT over the years the pounds stayed put and some were added.

Fast forward 15 years, Kat’s dream to shed those pounds IS a reality.  Kat, we are soooooo proud of you!   Here’s her picture carrying potatoes to show how much weight she has lost.  She looks even more awesome without the potatoes!  Click here to read the “rest of her story”.

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