Kathy FL - Bonnie MN - Karen OK

Kathy FL – Bonnie MN – Karen OK

Our Summer 2013 road trip actually began on July 3rd when we picked up Kathy and Robert at the OKC airport and drove to the Farm, our brother’s place in North Central Oklahoma.  It’s a family reunion every 4th of July when the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (as many as can make it) all come to see our mom / Mema, to see each other and, of course, to wave a flag.

The flag waving began after 9/11 when our brother started buying and waving flags.  It has become a 4th of July tradition that we all stand in the middle of nowhere and wave a flag.

God bless America!  We live in a wonderful country.


The Star Spangled Banner
Long may she wave
Two veterans in this picture

Next stop:  Catfish Road

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