by Guest Contributor…   When allergies hit in the Spring, you aren’t in the mood for bunnies, daffodils or sweet afternoon breezes.  Allergies can mean itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose, headaches, body aches, grouchiness, and overall “I’m-miserable, leave-me-alone” condition.

There are some natural approaches to relieving those symptoms.  Even taking the anti-drowsy OTC solutions just make me feel tired.  You can find multitudes of publications that will explain the science of why certain natural supplements are effective.  Then why do some people complain that, “I tried that and it didn’t work.”  That just may be true… except did you try Shaklee products?  High-quality supplements aren’t the same as those you find on the shelf at your local big box store.

Two products that are none to improve allergy symptoms are Omega-3 fatty acids and grape seed extract.  Shaklee’s Omegaguard is the ultimate source for your Omega’s.  Vivix has the health benefits of grape seed extract, providing a tremendous source of antioxidants your body demands in combating these allergy symptoms.

The fact to focus on is that you may have tried a fish-oil product for your allergies and you didn’t see results… but that doesn’t mean Omega-3’s didn’t work.  It means you haven’t found the right product.  Discover the Shaklee Difference.

There are additional tried and true natural solutions for allergies and asthma.  Shaklee Alfalfa is a signature formula from Dr. Shaklee.  We also love Nutriferon which improves the body’s ability to fight environmental exposures.

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