birthday cakesHaving the same birthday makes it easier to declare “party time”!

Our family wasn’t big on birthdays… we weren’t that kind who had clowns and a pony.  In fact, we didn’t ever really have cakes like you see here.  BUT, we were lucky because our mother is a DYNAMO cook and we had great things like lemon cheesecake and our favorite was Red Velvet Cake.

Mom was telling us about a neighbor who had brought over two individual birthday cakes when we were like two-years-old.  Mrs. Kelly wanted to make sure we had a very special day!  That was at a time and place where cakes and extras were sacrifices.  We were raised in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, where the school year was arranged around the growing season so kids could pick cotton when it was ready!

When I see these crazy shows on TV where people spend thousands and thousands on a kid’s birthday, it is just so sad.  There are many small things in life to treasure and appreciate.  Blowing out a birthday candle is one of them.  Being able to share that with my sister was just the best.