Take your health in a new direction


The research and development of Shaklee180 is based on surveys and science – isn’t that just like Shaklee?  They have taken 5 years of experience with the inch-loss program called CINCH and have reformulated the plan based on customer feedback and current science. The result?

Shaklee180 – a plan for a turnaround in your health

SHAKLEE180 Turnaround Kit includes 2 meals + 2 snacks a day + a nutritional supplement.  You will feel satisfied and the best part is that you will keep the muscle you have and lose the fat you don’t want.  This is critical when losing weight, because muscle burns more calories than fat so for long-term weight loss, muscle is king.  You need muscle to keep your metabolism high so that you will burn calories and not regain the weight and inches you just lost. 

SHAKLEE180 – why would you trust your health to anything else? 

Changing brands can change your life.

To learn more, Contact Us.    Shaklee180 – coming January 1, 2013!