This is the entry that Kathy submitted to Shaklee 180 Healthy Competition. It tells her journey of weight loss and taking back control of her life.

I was sitting in a workshop at the Shaklee Convention in Las Vegas, wondering if there was a possibility that I could be beautiful again. All the talk at the Convention was about the weight loss program and I was inspired by Mary Cunningham. I told my sister, “I could look like that if I really tried.”

Then three things happened:

  • I got ashamed. When I checked my BMI at the Expo, the chart said I was obese. I was so mad at myself.
  • I got committed. I signed the commitment with my goal of 137 pounds.
  • I got brave. I went up to my hotel room with two other Shaklee Distributors who were attending the Convention with me and I had them take a picture of me for my before picture.

When I got home, my whole life began to Turnaround.

First, I had a hard look at how I ended up in this shape. In college, I managed a health salon and had a local exercise television show on cable TV called, “Kathy, Body Beautiful.” I asked myself, “Where has she gone?”

Kathy-ChicagoI had good reasons for gaining weight. A total hysterectomy at 27 brought on the horrors of menopause and weight gain. Other life & health events piled on pounds, so I stopped weighing when the scale read 187 pounds.

What was the craziest idea to lose weight? My husband and I were making a list of pro’s and con’s on whether or not to join the Peace Corps, “Weight loss” was my number one reason to join the Peace Corps and go to Africa for two years. What happened? I worked with street children in Swaziland and started a bakery for them to sell buns on the street. The bakery became a huge success and so did I. I weighed more when I came home than when I left!


My health began to fail. Diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder without an established protocol for treatment, we started the prednisone parade! Bring on the moon face. Worry about weight? I was worrying about walking!

I defied medical odds and came up with a Shaklee supplement regimen that helps me successfully manage my disease with zero medications; but being overweight became a foregone conclusion, especially when 59 years hit. Wasn’t it too late? I’m not a personal trainer like Mary Cunningham. I’m just an overweight baby boomer leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Shaklee 180 turned all that around. Shaklee 180 makes eating right a process rather than a prison. I’m not looking from behind bars at what I can’t eat, I’m getting up in the morning and having a delicious smoothee that makes me feel better and creates a simple habit that is easy to reproduce on a daily basis.

I’ve created my own version of some Burst exercises and learned the importance of recording what I eat. I live by the words I heard at Convention: “If you bite it, your write it.”

Shaklee 180 got me from a size 22 to a petite 9. My cholesterol had always been over 200. A couple of weeks ago, it was 157.

My whole way of thinking has even turned around. I thought my goal was 137 pounds… but even that has changed. I’m determined to get to 128 pounds and I KNOW I CAN do it.

I’m excited to share my Shaklee 180 success with baby boomers. Too many have given up and think good health is available only to those who are “athletic” or “health food nuts”. Shaklee 180 makes my life easier because I don’t even have to think about what I’m going to have for 2 meals of my day!

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve cried. I’ve pouted. I’ve acted like a 2-year-old. But I wanted to be beautiful again more than I wanted that ice cream cone. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and love telling other people that they really can do it, too.

I want to focus on those individuals who need to lose over 100 pounds and have limited mobility because of their weight and age (and attitude). I’m excited to let them know that they can learn to get out of their chair without someone helping them and go grocery shopping without using the scooter.

We’ve got the products, we’ve got the program, and I’ve got the passion. It’s a winning combination.


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