birds-sweet-bees-sweeter_1310Three cheers for our pollinators.   But if you suffer from allergies, you can feel miserable – coughing, sneezing, congestion and runny nose.  Shaklee products for allergies strengthen your immune system and are so wonderful that you will be able to enjoy this glorious world God created for us to live in!

For seasonal allergy relief:  Formula I and Alfalfa. Shaklee Alfalfa is a signature formula from Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee.  It is the finest alfalfa grown organically in California and harvested at the optimal time of day when the chlorophyll in the leaf is at its peak.

Nutriferon is for you if you have year-round allergies or asthma.


Contact us by e-mail or call and we’ll be happy to explain how these products work and how to use them.  In short, they support your immune system in an amazing way to not only relieve allergies, but also to build health.

Just leave it to nature – your body will know exactly what to do!