trashcan Sometimes we need to be reminded that there are environmental issues that we don’t have to debate their existence or best path to resolve it (solar, climate change, etc). Plastics are a visible issue that we can’t debate their existence or their effect on the environment.

Their presence in our landfills is definitely a factor. Their presence in the oceans is an even larger factor. Know what a gyre is? A gyre in oceanography is any large system of rotating ocean currents, particularly those involved with large wind movements. Gyres are caused by the Coriolis Effect; planetary vorticity along with horizontal and vertical friction, which determine the circulation patterns from the wind curl (torque).[1]

5-gyres_logoThere is an organization that not only provides excellent description of the problem, they offer a unique opportunity for people to go on expeditions to not only see the problem, but participate in the research. Visit their website, to see where previous expeditions have traveled and what they have found.

I’m married to a surfer, so have had the opportunity to travel around the world and spend time on different oceans. Being born and raised in the midwest, this ocean-based lifestyle has proven to be a source of unlimited wonder and awe of this planet we inhabit. It is critical that we start address this plastic-problem.

What would a Green Tiger do?

There are some great ideas on the site. They include the basics, but also expand it to include your community and legislative involvement.  And… the big thing “to do”… why not consider going on an expedition?  Wouldn’t that just be the best?


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1. Heinemann, B. and the Open University (1998) Ocean circulation, Oxford University Press: Page 98