Julius Richard Petri honored by Google Doodle

Julius Richard Petri, a German microbiologist, is famous for his invention of a shallow, flat dish used to grow bacteria so that it could be studied.  So today, Mr. Petri, we salute you.  Thank you for showing us things that we can’t see with our eyes – things that are gross; but things that could hurt us.

Today as we celebrate Petri’s 161st birthday and he is honored by Google Doodle, we recommend you be germ-free and healthy with a nice, green cleaner that we recommend.  Don’t go crazy with antibiotics because they only create super-bugs that nothing can kill.  Instead depend on your body’s natural immune system and washing that is seasonable and reasonable.

Contact us or shop on-line at our Green Tiger Store and use GET CLEAN products from Shaklee.  We know you can’t see all the benefits, but you will be creating in a green, clean environment that will protect you and your family from the unseen!    And don’t forget to build your immune system – it’s designed to fight what you can’t see!

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