Family walking in the woodsNo one wants to come home from a great vacation and find out days or weeks later that the reason they are feeling tired is because of a tick bite.  OUCH!  That really stings.

How can Lyme disease be prevented?

Because Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks attaching to the body, it is important to use tick-bite avoidance techniques when visiting known tick areas.  Definitely wearing long clothing can protect the skin. Clothing, children, and pets should be examined for ticks. Ticks can be removed gently with tweezers and saved in a jar for later identification. Bathing the skin and scalp and washing clothing upon returning home might prevent the bite and transmission of the disease.

What about DEET?
Deet is extremely toxic and can be deadly if ingested.  Deet lasts longer and is safer when used on clothing than on exposed skin, so cover as much of the body with clothing as you can.  Do not use excessive amounts and be extremely careful around children.  Do not use on plastic or nylon material.  Deet can even dissolve certain types of paint and nail polish.

After spending time outdoors, check yourself carefully for any small raised bumps or for pinpoint-sized specks on clothing.  Do this right away; the longer a tick is attached, the greater the risk of Lyme disease.  Check children before they go to bed if they spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer.  Look at their hair, ears, underarms, trunk, groin and the back of their knees.  Have them shower when they come in from outdoors, and wash their clothes immediately.

Important Note:  If you develop a “bulls-eye” rash, this is a classic sign of Lyme Disease.  See your health professional as soon as possible to be tested.

If you are diagnosed with Lyme Disease, treatment is most effective with antibiotics in the early stage.  If antibiotics are prescribed, be sure to take a probiotic to replace good flora in the colon which supports health and a strong immune system.  We recommend Shaklee OptiFlora, because it guarantees the delivery of live good bacteria to the colon.  We also recommend plenty of Shaklee’s high-quality Garlic, a natural antibiotic and immune booster; OmegaGuard, an omega-3 supplement to reduce inflammation and joint stiffness; Alfalfa, a natural anti-inflammatory; and VitaLea, the world’s best multi.

Act quickly if you feel you are getting sick or have been at risk to contract Lyme Disease. Time is of the essence.  Use every weapon from conventional medicine to natural approaches for regaining energy and stamina.  Do not become a victim of Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome recognized by the CDC*.

Read our Hello Health article Know Your Immune System for additional helpful information to rebuild your health.

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Best of health to you and your family!

*Center for Disease Control (CDC) website: