It’s a bowl of fruit,
but it sits and beckons.
I’m up for an apple,
and maybe even seconds.

My body says, “Thank You”
my taste buds say, “Sweet!”
I never thought it possible
to accomplish this feat.

I learned a lot of lessons.
I stopped telling myself lies
because they really were whoppers
when I thought about fries.

Potatoes were my vegetables
Meat my foundation,
but then I watched Shaklee
and Weight of the Nation.

No matter how I measured
No matter which scale,
Obese was the label.
Hear the cry, the wail!!

So with Shaklee 180
and Battle Plan in hand,
I declared war on obesity
and the fight began.

The war isn’t over,
but my personal battle is won.
I’ve taken my life back
and I’m having fun.

No more supersized drive-throughs,
no more donuts or candy.
I think apples are terrific,
and that grapes are just dandy.

Don’t let obesity beat you
and rob you of life’s pleasure,
because having your health
is truly a great treasure.

Obesity is scary
like diabetes and cancer,
but Shaklee 180
really is the answer.

It helped me to change
my shape and my size,
but allows me to see
through different eyes.

I see beauty in fruit,
but how can this be?
The biggest discovery
is the beauty in me.