Building a strong immune system

“Mom’s can’t get sick.” We agree, but we are here for the whole family, because we don’t think anyone should have to be sick.

Winter along with cold and flu season is fast-approaching.  The trick to staying well is two-fold:  lowering your exposure (hand washing) and raising your resistance (build a strong immune system naturally).

Give your body what it needs ahead of time or as quickly as possible at the first sign of a cold or flu, like a scratchy throat or a little cough.  You can’t wait until you see what happens, because that’s when things go from bad to worse.

Now is the time to start early and stay strong.  Stock your natural medicine cabinet with a couple of Shaklee products that will REALLY come to the rescue.

BASIC Immunity Formula Pack:  

  1. Immunity Formula I – nine synergistic nutrients to support a strong immune system
  2. Defend and Resist  (Shaklee DR) – echinacea that is more effective than your store (any store) has.  Ours has larch tree and elderberry

Take Immunity Formula I as needed if you know you have a compromised immune system or to fight colds, flu and other illness.
Add DR at the first sign of illness or if you know you have been exposed to someone who is sick.
Make a nice “Russian Tea” by dissolving DR in a cup of warm water mixed with Shaklee’s Lemon-Lime Performance, a healthy hydration drink.  Very nice!

ADVANCED Immunity: 

  1. Nutriferon – only from Shaklee  (10% discount on autoship)

Taken daily, Nutriferon helps your body’s natural production of interferon, a critical part of a strong, healthy immune system.

To build health at a cellular level, take these Shaklee products and be ready to stay strong and healthy this winter by starting early.

Best of health to you and yours!     Contact us for product information, to order or to learn more.