I had written a post about sharing birthdays.  Today, on July 18th, my birthday, my husband woke me up and said, “You have 7 minutes until sunrise.”

The sunrise is just about the best thing in the world (only after a full moon rising), so starting my birthday off with a sunrise on the beach is a super idea.  He’s even got the coffee and chairs ready!  Off we scurry in order to get the first peek.  Imagine our disappointment as we got to the beach walkover to see a bank of clouds on the horizon which would surely block off that critical moment when the sun comes up out of the ocean.

Here’s what the day was like:

Sunrise on a cloudy day

A bank of clouds hung on the horizon.



Check out the two pelicans cruising on the waves!


but then a miracle happened.





It all started as a pinpoint, then the sun came up right out of the ocean without any clouds directly in front of it.