For decades, HRT or hormone-replacement therapy was promoted to protect your heart and bones and to relieve every symptom of menopause from hot flashes to crankiness.

In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative study of HRT was halted early when the participants in the study showed dramatic increases in breast cancer and heart disease.

In 2008, further reports confirmed that taking HRT for even two years significantly increased a woman’s risk of breast cancer, and when she stopped taking HRT her risk rapidly diminished.

Now in 2012, medical research is tweaking their findings again with a new study that declares “Estrogen-only HRT Protects from Breast Cancer”.  But this takes us back to the problem two decades ago which found that estrogen-only HRT increased a women’s risk of ovarian cancer so this study is for post-menopausal woman who have had a hysterectomy?

Are you with me and millions of other women who do not want to follow a path of confusion and contradiction?

The truth of the matter is that a Natural Approach to Menopause is not only safe and effective, but healthy!  Yes, healthy!  If you are peri-menopausal (your body is preparing for menopause) or post-menopausal  (cessation of a period for more than one year), you have other options besides HRT – options that will help you build your health.  And if you decide to take HRT, these recommendations still apply.  Why?  Because every woman in menopause needs to pay attention to her bones and other nutritional needs for a healthy heart, joints, skin and sex life.

Menopause without Medicine is a worthy goal and we invite you to discover it!   We are here to help with your personal program and your personal goals.

Menopause without Medicine

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