Full Moon Rising over ParthenonDo you want to travel?  Do you love to travel?  Do you have a bucket list?  Whether you are traveling to see the full moon rising over Athens or to a family reunion or to see the grandkids, the biggest question is:

Do you feel like traveling? 

Traveling can be taxing.  (Don’t even get us started on how taxing it is to fly somewhere.)  But even when everything goes perfectly as planned, you need your whits and energy about you to really enjoy being away from home. It really helps to be able to walk without pain or fatigue.

So whether you’re cruisin’ ol’ Route 66 or cruising the Mediterranean, start your plans with Shaklee 180 so you can enjoy wherever your travels take you.

Contact us or visit us on-line to learn more about how to take your health and your shape in a whole new direction with Shaklee 180.

Bon voyage!