computer_christmasgift_armTwas the night before Christmas,
I’m logged on the net,
my iPad my companion
my iPhone my pet.

We won’t come down your chimney,
knocking at your door,
but we want to send this email
to send some Cheer and more.

We like to share our products
Shaklee is the best,
Changing brands can change your life
Put us to the test!

Vitalizer is our King,
Don’t forget the Queen.
Vivix sits there on her throne
and loves to reign supreme.

In the Kingdom, there is a war
causing so much pain
A war that we must  fight and win
We must lose to gain.

The Battle Against Obesity
fills us all with dread
because it isn’t easy
with all that must be said.

So we want you to join us
as we start to spread the word
“There is Hope, there is Help!”
Help us to be heard.

Why not join us on Facebook
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you can listen with ease.

or Follow us on Twitter
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It lets us stay connected
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Let the Twin Approach to Health
be the answer for you
in making healthy choices
and healthy habits, too.

That is for the New Year,
now we just want to write
Merry Christmas to all
and to all a Good Night.