holiday-eating-caution-signEarnest holiday eating starts with Halloween.  How can you resist sweets when candy is everywhere in abundance!   Next will be Thanksgiving followed by a plethora of feasting through the New Year.

Don’t get me wrong!  I love eating – I love holiday eating.  And I don’t get people who are really purists and won’t eat a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, but holiday eating can be a real problem.   It will make you feel tired, sick, lazy and lethargic (that’s okay on Christmas Day, but not the entire month of December).  And you can pack on 5 – 10 pounds lickety-split before you can say pass the cheesecake three times!

Our advice?  Have a holiday eating plan.  Here are several scenarios to think about, because we really think you should think before you indulge and eat everything in sight!

Scene 1  Office “Let’s all bring our favorite dishes to share.”  Uh-oh!  There’s trouble in Dodge!
Advice:  Small portions and have a Shaklee 180 Smoothee for breakfast or dinner.  

Scene 2  Christmas Party – the dangerous buffet with tons of food
Advice:  Serve yourself heavily on the fresh vegetables, some fruit and add the meat, bread and dessert to that.  Seriously, fix yourself a nice plate of fresh vegetables and eat it.  It will give your body something to work with to keep you healthy and happy through the holidays.  And you can keep eating just as long and as much as everyone else in the room.

Scene 3  Cookies, candy, pies, cakes and desserts
Advice:  Before you go, decide what your favorite dessert is.  Something that you LOVE.  Something you would really, really, really enjoy.  It might be cheesecake.   It might be black forest cake.  It might be pumpkin pie or baklava.  Okay, a good rule of thumb is if your mouth doesn’t water when you think about it, it’s not your favorite.  It’s not on your list.  Once you have made the decision what your VERY-MOST-FAVORITE-DESSERT is, then stick with that and have a piece of that – or something closely related to that dessert.  If they don’t have black forest cake, eat a brownie.  You get the idea.  The danger is in eating candy, cookies and all the other desserts indiscriminately.   There is a law of diminishing return here.  The first piece will be delicious, but it won’t last if you eat more.  Don’t test that theory – you can trust me on that!

Scene 4   You say, “I want to get healthy and lose weight!”
Advice:  Click here to learn about Healthy Weight and contact us.

Enjoy your food – it can be the medicine of life!  Enjoy Shaklee 180 – it can be part of your Battle Plan to take control of your weight.