hippo-kritA large Hippo-Krit was spotted in neighborhood grocery store wearing a T-shirt saying, “love the earth” and a shopping cart with about 10 cases of bottled water. When asked what they needed that much water for, “It’s for the house. We drink a lot of water.”

What is a Hippo-Krit? A large creature, which inhabits both land and water. It’s appearance can be misleading… appearing as a slow-moving comic character. In truth, hippo-krit’s can be the most aggressive creature in the Green Jungle, capable of outrunning any man (or woman).

A hippo-krit is famous for saying one thing and doing another, able to talk the talk, but not willing to walk the walk. Have you seen a hippo-krit in your area?

Are you sending out those articles and posting on all those environmental websites and groups and then totally ignoring your personal choices? When you are at the store and reaching for that bottle of bleach, ask yourself, “What would a Green Tiger do?”

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