We have talked a lot about what our theme for 2012 should be.  Should we focus on weight management (again!)?  Should we look at the calendar and go with the focus of the month?  That became quite comical when we noticed that January 23 was National Pie Day – not to be confused with May 13 which is National Apple Pie Day.  We’re not sure if all the other kinds of pies have a special day, but that would have been fun – just not healthy.

In the final analysis, we concluded that you probably already have a pretty good idea of what is involved in living a healthier life:  diet, exercise, non-toxic environment, don’t smoke.   So what do we want to talk about?  Slaying dragons.  The dragon of procrastination.  The dragon of “I’m too busy.”  The dragon of you name it.  We all have them.  The best approach to slaying a dragon is to look him straight in the eye and say, “You don’t scare me!”  Unless, of course, he does scare you; then we want to give you weapons and confidence so that you can go after it with no fear.

Chinese New Year 2012 heralds the Lunar New Year of the Water Dragon, a once in every 60 years occurrence.  The dragon is perceived as a mystical and auspicious creature in Chinese cultures and this year is expected to bring prosperity and transformational change.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you slay some dragons to build your health.

Best of health and God’s blessings!