pasternak-body-reset-diet-book-thumbnailHarley Pasternak, trainer to celebrities, advocates a jump start to your metabolism to set the tone for successful and permanent weight loss.  His philosophy is that most people will continue pursuing their goal to lose weight when their initial efforts are rewarded with immediate and satisfying results.

His plan calls for a 15-day commitment.  The first week you drink a red, green and white smoothie.  The second week, you drink two smoothies plus one meal.  The third week you drink one smoothie each day plus two meals.

To see all Harley Pasternak’s Body Reset Diet smoothie recipes from book > > > click here.  Select green, red or white smoothies from TAGS to sort by colors.

Karen’s favorite – Cool Cucumber Lime Smoothie “So refreshing and clean-tasting…I love it!”

Kathy’s favorite – Sweet Spinach Smoothie “Anytime I drink this, my body says, ‘thank you!’  I think it’s a secret weapon for anyone who has not been able to lose weight – which was me!”

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