Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose weight, be healthier and live happily ever after!  A lot of people want that, but when they think about losing weight, they think, “UGH!  Do I have to do that again?”   It’s down right discouraging to lose the same pounds over and over again.

Shaklee 180 is about permanent weight loss – it’s not just about before and after, but it’s about your happily ever after-after.

So what’s the secret to not only losing weight, but maintaining the weight you have lost.  To understand the difference is to understand that muscle = metabolism.  When you lose weight, you want to lose fat and retain lean muscle so that your metabolism is high and you can continue to burn calories efficiently.  You want to become a fat-burning, calorie-burning machine.  Unfortunately, very often after a diet, it’s difficult to maintain your weight because you have lost muscle so your body has slowed down and you are no longer burning calories as efficiently.  That creates another health challenge.

You’re invited to your happily ever after-after!   Contact us to take your health – and shape in a whole new direction!