About 75 to 80% of contaminates (that’s the fancy word for dirt) that enter a building or home come through entryways. A good quality matting system can help stop these contaminates at the door.

Having a mat that will grab the dirt and other grime can not only reduce labor cost, but will also reduce the wear and tear on your floor surfaces.  Which means saving money on expensive long-term capital improvement costs too!

Once when my sister was shopping for outdoor furniture, the salesperson said, “Buy well or buy often”.  That theory applies to “matting systems”.  You have to consider exactly what the needs are in order to find a system that meets the need.  Don’t just think that going to a big box store and buying some rubber mats is going to do the trick.  There are some super matting systems that are actually bi-level, which will allow the dirt and water to drop below the upper walking surface.

Low performance mats that are allowed to get dirty will actually increase the amount of dirt and soil tracked in because you make sure you have a nice “puddle of junk” just waiting for someone to walk through and carry into the building.

Now, don’t let that scare you into thinking that you probably just shouldn’t do anything at all!!  If you want to go buy a low-cost mat, do it… BUT make sure you shake it out, vaccum it or wash it on a regular basis.  Just make sure that it doesn’t retain dirt AND make sure that once it shows signs of wear that you go buy another one.

You might even try this:  go buy a low-cost (that’s the fancy word for cheap) mat at the store.  Just check out how dirty it gets.  Remember that before you got the mat, all that dirt was going INTO your house or business.  It will probably convince you that it makes sense (and cents) to invest in a quality mat.

A Green building or home can be greener if the soil is kept at the door.