The three sisters has their very own blog called  You have to go there to read about how that all came about!

But I wanted you to read her blog in particular about getting organized. Read it here >>

It also prompted me to write a few words on how “getting organized” for me really has to start inside my head. That’s where most of the chaos is. Sure there is chaos in my office, in my closet, you name it.  But it is the constant barrage of thoughts, demands, and self-doubts that can really create the stacks of debris.

Here’s what helps though. It really helps me sometime to literally sit down and make file folders, get out my label maker, and get some things put in cute little boxes. I tend to not go for that sterile, let’s line this up, but really delighting in being able to “repurpose” something from it’s original intent. That’s what made me have a jar collection and literally unable to pass up something that might be headed for the landfill, but possesses the ability to “hold something”.

Just writing this makes me want to just start taking pictures and saying, “See, here. This was an old grease spatter screen. It works perfectly in my garden area to wash things off that I want to save. Especially seeds that I have just scooped out of an acorn squash that I just can’t help throw away, but want to save and plant later!!

So, how’s your head? Is it cluttered? Let’s start cleaning out the cobwebs and get organized.


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