Couple Washing Car

“NEWS FLASH….This will change your life…guaranteed to burn fat…tone muscles…beautify skin…improve memory…reduce stress…boost earning potential…enhance your love life…reduce the risk of almost every disease…and make you look and feel years younger! What is it?  EXERCISE!”

We all know we need to exercise and the benefits from it.  There are books written on this subject and gyms built for this activity, but you don’t really need to read a book and you don’t have to go to a gym.  Just start moving!

Here are some really great ways to get started today:

Mow the lawn. Wash the car (with Shaklee’s aquifer-friendly H2, of course). Clean the house. Plant flowers in your flower bed. Walk around the block. Walk while you’re talking on the phone. Dance. Get up from your computer and move around every twenty minutes.  Play ball with your kids.  In his book, Body Reset Diet,  Harley Pasternak recommends we start walking 10,000 steps a day. A walk around the block is about 1,000 steps.

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