ikea-instruction-man“(Netherlands – October 23, 2012) The IKEA Group today released a new, ambitious sustainability strategy, People & Planet Positive. The strategy is an integrated part of the IKEA Group long-term growth direction and builds on the company’s long history of working with sustainability by outlining a new set of goals and actions for delivery up to 2020.”

I’ve seen documentaries on how Ikea produces and distributes their goods.  I can’t help but be impressed.  Their ability to not only improve logistics, but overcome massive distribution hurdles is quite impressive.  Just their approach in making sure they build something that can be packed and shipped easily is a concept that many US companies could emulate.

I’ve purchased Ikea products.  They appear to be high quality and hard to beat on value.

It just made me want to comment on the ability of a company to provide the sustainability leadership and goals that are not only achievable, but appear to add to the bottom line and not take away from it!  Too often we want the government to come up with the regulations to force corporations to achieve our sustainability goals.  When will we realize the power of the consumer, focusing on educating those at the purchasing end who can make informed decisions on the companies who can and will provide sustainable answers.

Ikea isn’t perfect.  There is always room for improvement in terms of social responsibility, sustainability and impact on resources.  But, for now, I do believe they deserve recognition and support in their efforts to make this world a better place to live.

Full Press Release here:  Ikea Unveils New Sustainability Strategy

Ikea’s Sustainability Report