Are you ready to save over $12,000?  When someone is seen in a store buying a RTU (ready-to-use) product such as window cleaner, it is hard not to rush over and knock it out of their hands.  When someone is seen in a store buying a RTU such as GreenWorks Glass Cleaner, it is hard not to rush over, knock it out of their hands and say, “What are you thinking?”

When people put out the extra money it costs to buy an environmentally-friendly cleaning product, you want to be able to say, “Good job!”  It just doesn’t seem nice to say, “That is just about the silliest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”  Why?

RTU’s represent some of the biggest wastes going on in the world right now.  For some reason, this ready-to-use mentality is driven by the need to save time and effort.  Buying concentrates is one way to save big money.

Let’s go back to the picture… it literally would cost you $3.29 x 3,780 to produce the same amount of glass cleaner that you can make from that one 16 oz bottle that costs $12.15.  Yes, that means it could save you about $12,400.  Most of the time, people just stare at me when we quote figures like that.  Basic H2 is a product that has been around for over 50-years.  If you want to dilute it for windows, the ratio is 1:6,308; all purpose ratio is 1:378: and heavy-duty ratio is 1:64.  Clorox was so proud of themselves when they finally produced a GreenWorks All Purpose Concentrate… but it’s ratio is 1:48.  Why do companies keep these low ratios?  Because they can make a LOT of money selling you water.

The bad part of that (other than the fact that you are buying a lot of water (GreenWorks Glass Cleaner is about 97% water).  That means you are paying about $12.76 for the water that is included in a gallon of GreenWorks Glass Cleaner.

RU ready for a change? Buy a concentrate!!

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