Cell StructureSometimes we think about our health in terms of what we eat – French fries (bad) broccoli (good), but the vision for good health should bear in mind this simple truth: health is built at a cellular level.

Our body is made up of trillions and trillions of cells. Take a quick stroll through cell biology and be glad you don’t have to understand it. In fact from reading this information, I’m not sure anyone truly understands our bodies and how they work. NOTE: Skip the section entitled Origin of the Cell. I believe that God created man and that we did not originate from a meteorite, deep-sea vent or lightning in a reducing atmosphere, although it is not clear if Earth has such an atmosphere. No kidding that is what it says….but surely I digress.

Your health is built at a cellular level – one cell at a time – one day at a time.

WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND? Because you are the keeper of the gate for what enters your body: food, water, toxins from your environment, chemicals, drugs, medicine, supplements. Everything your body needs to build cells comes from you.

Truly some people are healthier from birth, but that does not negate the fact that to build health we must be good keepers of the gate. So whether you are in charge of the health of others or only in charge of one person – yourself – remember to think about how important it is to give your body what it needs to build healthy cells.

Healthy diet – fresh, unprocessed foods.
Fast foods – reach for CINCH products. They include a variety of great choices that are satisfying and healthy – and FAST. You will see results by losing inches and pounds of fat you don’t want and gaining muscle and energy that you need.
High-quality supplements –Why supplement? It’s a measured amount on a consistent basis in a convenient form. Shaklee’s Vitalizer, VitaLea Multi-vitamin/mineral and a wide array of quality nutritional supplements build health at a cellular level.
Healthy home – Eliminate your exposure to toxins by keeping chemicals out of your house. Use Shaklee GET CLEAN products: floors, kitchen, laundry, everything for your home. You will save money, too.
Healthy skin – Your skin is a major organ of your body. To treat it with tender loving care and keep chemicals that can be absorbed into your body off your body, use Shaklee’s Enfuselle anti-aging skin care and personal daily care products.
Anti-aging  – Fight cellular aging with VIVIX.  This unique, proprietary, all-natural Shaklee product has ingredients including resveratrol that have been shown to impact four key mechanisms related to cellular aging.  VIVIX fights cellular aging and supports heart health, brain health, immune function and joint health.
Targeted solutions – as much as possible, avoid drugs. There are many natural solutions that work for many health issues.

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