Not everyone would love to build a house; but if you like to make decisions and if you have a vision, it’s a pretty grand thing to do.  But beware because it is stressful.  You don’t want to tackle it without a good dose of energy and stamina.

Shaklee 180 can help you gain the best perspective on the whole process.  I’m building my health while I’m building my house.  And Shaklee 180 will give you the calm you need to prevent adrenal exhaustion or brain and body fatigue.

Build a house…build your health — it’s all about making smart decisions that will last a lifetime!

Shaklee 180 and other great products – like Stress Relief Complex, Vitalizer, B-Complex to name a few – can help you so you will be happy and healthy on move-in day!!!  With Shaklee’s Get Clean Starter Kit, your new home will be green and clean without using any harmful chemicals.  Get Clean is safe, powerful and non-toxic for a healthy home.

Here’s more if you want to see our 2012 new home journey.

Love building your health and with Shaklee you can enjoy the journey!  Contact us or visit us on-line.