The environmental New Year is April 22nd of each year.  The time for new ideas and new commitments for changes in the coming year.

What are your New Year resolutions for your Earth Day this year?

Here are three simple steps to improve your environment:

1.  Stop printing everything off your computer.  You can buy a great display for the amount of money you spend on paper and ink in a year to print something so it is “easier to read”.

2.  Work harder to drive less.  It’s easy to say, “consolidate shopping trips and plan” but the organization required to actually accomplish this requires some effort.

3.  Reuse.  Do you have something that you are thinking of throwing something away?  Before sending it to the landfill, either give it to Goodwill or if you haven’t tried  It is a GREAT way to get something into the hands of somebody else that will use it and appreciate it!