Cinch Oklahoma LogoSad to say – Oklahoma City ranks dead last! I wish I could say that is a play on words.We are the most unfit, unhealthiest city of all in the index of 50 cities.

The annual American Fitness Index, out today from the American College of Sports Medicine, is based on a number of health behaviors including smoking, exercise, obesity rates, chronic health problems and access to health care. It also looks at the environment including availability of parks, recreational facilities, walking trails and farmers’ markets. The fitness index was designed by health and medical experts.

Come on, Oklahoma! We can do better. We need to change our ways – to live healthier (stop smoking), eat healthier (lose weight), exercise (walking, moving, getting off the couch), and encourage our children by our example. Statistics show that we need to change the shape of our state and our capital city.

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Most fit, healthiest cities

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul 2. Washington, D.C. 3. Portland, Ore. 4. San Francisco 5. Denver 6. Boston 7. Sacramento 8. Seattle 9. Hartford, Conn. 10. San Jose 11. Austin 12. Salt Lake City 13. Cincinnati 14. San Diego 15. Raleigh, N.C. 16. Pittsburgh 17. Baltimore 18. Virginia Beach 19. Cleveland 20. Richmond, Va. 21. Atlanta 22. Providence 23. Buffalo 24. New York City 25. Philadelphia


Most unfit, unhealthiest cities

26. Milwaukee 27. Chicago 28. Kansas City, Mo. 29. Los Angeles 30. Columbus, Ohio 31. St. Louis 32. Nashville 33. Phoenix 34. Orlando 35. Riverside, Calif. 36. Charlotte 37. Jacksonville 38. New Orleans 39. Las Vegas 40. Tampa 41. Birmingham, Ala. 42. Miami 43. Houston 44. Dallas 45. Indianapolis 46. Memphis 47. Louisville 48. San Antonio 49. Detroit 50. Oklahoma City

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Source: American Fitness Index from the American College of Sports Medicine