Discovering a new and unique part of our immune system that has never been seen before is truly the work of science at its best.  That’s what happened in 1954 when Dr. Kojima, a world-renowned immunologist, discovered interferon.

Interferon is so critical to immune health that Dr. Kojima spent 40 years of his life in research to develop a way to help in our body’s natural production of interferon.

Those years of research gave birth to Nutriferon, a product formulated and produced only by Shaklee.  With not only short-term, but also long-term health benefits, Shaklee’s Nutriferon is for anyone who wants to build a strong immune system.  Interferon is a key component in helping your body fight environmental assaults, as well as breakdowns that can cause serious disease.

We are proud to bring to you Nutriferon – only from Shaklee.

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Best of health to you and yours!