It is always a time of year to talk about changes, resolutions and new beginnings.  When it comes to making decisions regarding your environment, we want to make sure you make sustainable decisions.

We were going to put “The Year to live Sustainable”, but it just wasn’t that catchy… and way too long.  But if we are going to really see change take place, it will take making sustainable choices. Stepping back and looking at the big picture is important, as long as you don’t become one of those people who are living at 37,000 feet.

From outer space, our planet is still blue.  Can you imagine how much damage would have to be done to our Mother Earth in order to change that distant image?  But when you zoom in and focus on “Street View”, you can see there is really some room for improvement.  We want to take on some challenges like encouraging the limited use of fertilizers for lawn.  We want 2012 to be dirty.  That means we have to spend some time getting life back into our dirt.  We’re destroying our soil.  There are no natural bacteria left in many areas, including our lawns and our farmlands.

How did we make bacteria such a bad word? We’ll do some challenges for you this year to get bacteria back into your life and your home.  There’s some pretty powerful beneficial bacteria out there.  All those disinfectants and germicides you are using don’t check id’s when it’s killing bacteria. It kills them all (Have you ever thought about the word germicide? We shiver when we say “genocide”, because we realize that it involves total indiscriminate annihilation.) Somehow we say germ as a bad word, not allowing there to be the existance of good bacteria.

Keep in touch in 2012. Let us know your challenges and your triumphs. We’ll let you know ours.