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We didn’t sit and have a business plan that said, “In two years we want to have 3 businesses that are kind of connected but still really different.”

It all started because we wanted (Ha! It was a want… it was a MUST, a GOTTA’, a total commitment to get healthy.

It all started with Shaklee

Shaklee products became the center of both of us achieving that single goal. We enjoy better health because we use Shaklee products.  That led us to become Shaklee distributors.

We know that our environment has a huge impact on our health, so we became totally committed to the environmentally-friendly cleaning products by Shaklee. The Get Clean® line has almost everything you need to keep you house (or business) clean without the use of chemicals or toxins. There was a component missing that Shaklee doesn’t sell. That would be the cleaning tools; the mops, the dusters, the buckets.

and then we discovered microfiber

We did the research to find the World’s Best Microfiber. We used some of these microfiber products and  became distributors for CPI, the manufacturer for commercial-grade microfiber cleaning tools that uses patented technology in their microfiber pads.

and we took it all online.

Once you have businesses like that, it is natural to work hard to create an online presence. We went from trying the little “do-it-yourself” website builders to finally hiring a web designer. Getting thrown into the realm of internet ecommerce required literally learning a new language. And the biggest problem was never really knowing who to trust. Everybody always sounded like they made sense and this SEO thing seemed pretty important.

After a whole lot of starts and stops, we finally decided the only way we were going to conquer this online thing was “learn it ourselves”. That has been an epic journey that we thoroughly enjoy, but sometimes feel like we are riding a bull; concentrating on nothing but lasting the next 8 seconds.  Our websites started getting better and better. Our online presence started really taking hold.

People started asking for help. We started helping. What started out as a favor has quickly become a relevant part of who we are. Helping people with their online presence has become a business.

And having us continue to be online entrepreneurs with our own online ecommerce businesses really does HELP us be better web designers. First, we have to stay current on how people engage and how the internet constantly changes something, whether it is a search engine algorithm or social media exchange. Secondly, because there are two of us, you have twice the chance of success! Having a team guiding you rather than an individual always makes more sense. It is always interesting to see just how differently each of us approach a problem or challenge. That’s what makes us special. You can have us as a team helping you achieve your goals.

Here’s just some ideas

Weight Management

We provide support to help you reach your goal weight naturally and sustain it. We help with the program and the products that encourage success.

So, when you see that we sell a weight loss product, we go far beyond just having a great product shipped to you… we have the coaching programs set up to help you achieve your goals. In fact, that’s what we like to do with all of our health and wellness products. Our goal is for you to enjoy maximum health. Sometimes that can be a challenge. If you are having some type of health problem, just contact us and let us tell you what we think we can do to help.

There is no charge for this service when you purchase the Shaklee 180 kits. It’s that easy.

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Women’s Wellness

With the myriad of symptoms and women’s health issues, we can give you up-to-date information to help you design a wellness plan that is right for you. If you didn’t read the section about us, you will see that Karen is a breast cancer survivor. Her journey is one that not only will encourage you, but inspire you to take control of your health. Kathy’s weight loss has done so much more than just change her dress size. This service is at no charge when you purchase the products that we distribute. It’s that easy.

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Web Design

In the process of our creating our businesses to help people with health and wellness and then to sell microfiber cleaning products… we found it imperative that we create an online presence. We know everyone is faced with that challenge.

So, when we say, “We tried that”, you’ll know that we feel your pain. Listening to the endless claims by people who call to “guarantee a placement on SEO” to somebody that offers free this and free that… until you actually get it set up and find out it really doesn’t do what you need (and all sorts of things you don’t need).

We actually set it up so that you have the ability to maintain the website by yourself or continue to keep us onboard for maintenance (and training).

Give us a call and let’s talk about it. We’ll tell you the honest truth.

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