We believe

… we can wake up feeling healthy and strong every day
… we can wake to an environment that is sustainable and healthy
… we can overcome challenges to enjoy a happier and richer life
… you can, too!

Following adversities, we have thrived to build better health for ourselves.

Karen’s battle with cancer is an all too familiar diagnosis.  Her commitment to nutrition and wellness is the outcome of Karen’s unwavering determination to restore her ravaged body to optimal condition. 

Kathy says, “I was desperate for change”.  Her battle with obesity forged a campaign to change every aspect of her life.  Her weight loss and renewed zeal for life was acknowledged when she was named a Shaklee 180 Healthy Competition Winner. 

Their journeys made them aware of the role that nutrition and environment played in their health. Kathy and Karen feel twice blessed.  First, for what they have learned through tears and laughter.  And second, for the opportunity to share with you!


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