Things we love and why we love them!

Smoothie Mix

A complete, balanced, meal. This is the backbone of the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program.  One of the big problems I had was NOT eating breakfast.  I would get up and start drinking coffee.  And of course, if there was anything to be eaten for breakfast, it was a pastry...

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I LOVE my FitBit! I have the FitBit One that tracks my activity and my sleep. I like it because I can clip it to my bra and forget it, but there are different styles that clip-on, wristband... you name it. It helps me hold myself accountable for my physical activity. ...

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The Rolls Royce of mixers Vitamix is the Rolls Royce of blenders. I have owned blenders and it would be so frustrating that they really didn't blend or even crush ice. Vitamix is an elite blending machine. I LOVE IT! We blend drinks that are beautiful, delicious and...

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Body Reset Diet Book

Harley Pasternak is a trainer to celebrities. He has so many great ideas on how to power up your metabolism. The best thing I've gotten from it is my new found love of green smoothies. Who knew that a spinach smoothie would become one of Kathy's favorites? Karen loves...

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A good foundation starts at the bottom. What are your walking and running shoes look like? Okay, I do most of my beach walking barefooted. But I do enjoy good shoes when I'm on asphalt/concrete. And don't go to Walmart and buy a pair for $8. You're talking about your...

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