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Our Green Tiger newsletter focuses on up-to-date information and green practices that are sustainable and effective.  We recommend products that meet high standards for quality and performance while remaining true to green principles that will protect your health and the environment. Kathy Spratt Editor ~ Green Tiger Newsletter

Let’s Celebrate Summer Solstice!

A solstice is an astronomical event that occurs twice each year as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. The June (summer) solstice marks the first day of the summer season in the northern...

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How to celebrate Earth Day

What are you doing for Earth Day to improve your environment? Have you ever used cleaners and it’s hard to breathe or you have to leave the room!Use what I love…and you will not be damaging the planet or your own health! Besides having a super-clean house, notice you...

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Go Green by Stopping Red

What Red Meat has to do with Going Green Let's not debate climate change… I'm not even advocating that we need to control methane gas to avoid climate change. There are issues related to our dietary selection that DOES impact the environment in a very real way. Let's...

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Does Ikea have the right Idea?

"(Netherlands – October 23, 2012) The IKEA Group today released a new, ambitious sustainability strategy, People & Planet Positive. The strategy is an integrated part of the IKEA Group long-term growth direction and builds on the company’s long history of working with...

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CLEAN by the numbers, and SAVE

CLEAN by the numbers: 3,000: the number in tons of paper towels sent to landfills each day. 100: the number of dollars your family could save by replacing paper towels with microfiber cloths or towels. 215,780: the number of exposure cases called into poison centers...

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The Birds & The Bees

Click on the "Read More" and you will discover the wonder of the birds and the bees in a way that we can't see under normal circumstances. While it can be easy to say "we need to go to the old fashioned way of doing things", it would leave us void of the many awesome...

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