Green Cleaning & The Art of Housekeeping

TAOH MonaLisa

We’re going to make you smile!

Our green cleaning supplies and tools are the best on the market today – otherwise, why would we recommend them? They will help you clean faster, easier and better. They will make you smile!

The microfiber tools at The Art of are usually sold only to companies that clean professionally; but YOU need them, because if cleaning is necessary, we feel we should have the tools to do it right!

  • Your floors will make a good impression with our Monet Microfiber Mop.
  • Take your cleaning to new heights with our Michelangelo Mini Mop.
  • You can crazy clean with our Picasso Trowel.
  • The DaVinci Dusters and Rembrandt Dust Mop are the best!

Everything is masterfully engineered and beautifully designed to create a masterpiece.

We are also proud to offer all-natural-fiber sponges and scrubbers from TWIST.

To go directly to the ever-popular BASIC H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and other GET CLEAN products, click here. BASIC H2 can be mixed for 1001 uses including windows, mirrors, floor, counters and degreaser. You won’t need a lot of different products with BASIC H2 around and ready to do so many jobs – and do them all remarkably well!

Enjoy our videos and The ART OF HOUSEKEEPING. This is what you’ve been wanting and waiting for!



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