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Plan your work.
Work your plan.​

Gone are the days of thinking that all a person needs is a beautiful website. It is also important to think about promoting the site, monitoring the site, keeping it fresh and streamlining the process. 

  • Batch Processing 101 In my understanding of the term ‘batch processing’ it was always used to describe systems (usually computerized ones) where data was collected together for a period of time before it was processed. Instead of doing every small ‘job’ as it arrived... jobs were ‘queued’ or collected until the computer was ready to process them all at once. This meant that the computer could do these ‘batches’ of jobs all at once when it would otherwise be idle. It increased the productivity.

  • Two ways to get your website out there SEO your blog post Your blog post must not only contain relevant content, you need to complete the SEO section with thoughtful, effective information. Your site's SEO is called "SmartCrawl". It's on the dashboard, normally directly underneath the blog post area. The Title Tag is crucial because of the places it shows up on the web (and on social media), plus the Meta Description is a brief description of the post that should engage your audience so they want to read more. Meta Keywords don't have the weight they used to have, but they are still an important part of your blog, especially when you can literally use your keywords on whether you have effectively communicated the message you want.

  • Traffic is what everyone wants. A great way to drive traffic to a website is to have an active blog on the site. Traffic is what keeps your blog alive. It's what will help you develop a relationship with the reader. It's what will help the reader decide they want to do business with you. Don't get bogged down with the quantity of traffic before you insure the quality (loyalty) of the traffic you have. Do they trust you? Do they want to keep returning to your blog?